Artificial Intelligence Technology for workplace Wellness

OKTO Technologies unveils its new Wellness Division, OKTOair, offering a suite of innovative AI solutions for the post Covid-19 workplace...

Philip Dowds, Managing Director at OKTO Technologies

Workplace wellness is on the rise. In the early 2000s the practice was often viewed as a ‘nice to have’, but not a necessity. Now, companies, small businesses and even schools are understanding that wellness and wellbeing can have a massive effect on morale and productivity and are adapting their operations and initiatives to better support the physical and mental wellbeing of their employees.

Over the years more and more companies have begun implementing wellness programmes, which have grown from healthy snacks or health insurance to much more. But now, as companies and organisations anticipate the return of their workforce post lockdown, safeguarding their staff’s health, safety and well-being takes on an even greater urgency.

Government Return to Work Safely Protocols make it clear that simply providing extra hand sanitisers and social distancing measures will not be enough. High levels of air quality management, no-touch doors, switches and other fittings are among the measures put forward to ensure high levels of hygiene in the office, small businesses, retail and education settings.

Post Covid-19
Lisburn-based OKTO Technologies is leading the technology fight to safeguard office workers, teachers, retail staff etc. during and after the Coronavirus pandemic.

Its newly launched Wellness Division, OKTOair, help businesses, schools and clients incorporate wellness technology into everyday lives. OKTOair’s Technology for Wellness helps to develop and deliver wellness solutions that assess the health risks of employees, and even helps to motivate and engage workers with added health and productivity benefits.

Philip Dowds, Managing Director at OKTO Technologies comments, “Never before has the public need been more focused on feeling safe and protected in the work or education environment. We fast-tracked the launch of our OKTOair filtration system as a result of Covid-19 because we feel it will have a positive and helpful impact for businesses across the country as they reopen their doors. The demand from commercial landlords has been significant, as the need to reassure tenants and customers that their premises are safe is great.”

WELL Building Institute
OKTOair is a member of the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), committed to enhancing buildings and communities to help people thrive. International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) is leading the global movement to transform buildings and communities, focussed exclusively on how the spaces around us can make us healthier, happier and more productive.

Beyond Covid-19
As restrictions start to lift, preparing your indoor environment for a post Covid-19 world becomes vital. From indoor air quality management to hands-free building access space, the OKTOair Wellness Suite is a working solution that helps prepare the indoor environment for the new normal. Below is a brief introduction to the various suite systems.

OKTOair Disinfecting Filtration Systems

OKTOair monitors and maintains the air quality of the indoor environment. Artificial Intelligence technology determines how best to manage the air to attain ideal conditions automatically ventilating and cleaning the air. The intuitive dashboard shows detailed information of the air quality inside and outside the property in real time – empowering you with information on the quality of the air you breathe.

The OKTOair Disinfecting Filtration Systems removes 99.99% of all airborne particulates including harmful contagions, allergens and pathogens down to 0.007microns, 10x smaller than the Coronavirus and 40x smaller than can be filtered by the perceived industry leading HEPA filters. In addition to filtration the air is purified using electronic disinfection techniques to destroy even the smallest bacteria or viruses.

Testing of a proxy virus for SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes Covid-19) at 0.03 micron has elimination within 45 minutes, certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) after laboratory testing.

No other air filtration device is able to result in this sort of efficiency, while keeping costs affordable and added system pressure drop to a minimum. “There has been a definite shift in air filtration from just heating and cooling to a focus on ‘Indoor Air Quality’ and systems that include cleaning and monitoring of the air,” says Philip.

“When you consider that we spend 90% of our time indoors being exposed to air, which is typically five times more polluted than outdoors, it is absolutely vital to consider the impacts on our health and how we can improve it. In the midst of going back to the workplace, schools or the most densely populated and polluted city centres, where floor space is at a premium, our solutions offer optimum control, comfort, health, wellbeing and ultimately, peace of mind.”

Human Centric Lighting
OKTOair’s Human Centric Lighting can help to regulate the body’s circadian rhythm or 24-hour internal body clock which affects important biological functions such as sleep, hormone levels, body temperature and metabolism – regulating sleep patterns and enhancing mood. Controlled lighting scenes based on the context and the time of day to differentiate between a warm, bright summer’s evening and a cold wet winter’s night using natural lighting effects to match the colour temperature of external light – set lighting scenes in real time.

Good light quality increases the body’s feeling of wellbeing, wakefulness and energy – an unseen but essential aspect of providing a calm office environment with increased productivity.

Window Treatments
OKTOair provides the ultimate end-to-end solution for Window Treatments. They supply and install motorised curtain tracks, roller, roman and venetian blinds complete with bespoke soft furnishings fully integrated with the lighting and Building Control Systems for assured quality and complete reliability.

Workers exposed to natural light tend to feel more motivated to exercise and get more sleep based on studies. Linking the Window Treatment control to the BMS to reduce solar gain and to the OKTOair Human Centric Lighting systems will automatically optimise the light available in the building.

OKTOair real-time intuitive dashboard

Touchless Control
Touch-free technology – buildings where you don’t need to touch anything, are now entirely feasible. Using Artificial Intelligence OKTO’s Touchless Technology provides seamless touchless access and control so staff members can travel through the building safely and securely without needing to touch any surfaces. Doors will open using facial recognition and near-field technology linked to mobile devices. Automatic lift management and voice control will take occupants to their desired floor without touching a button. Combining voice, mobile device and facial recognition to provide layered authentication to ensure the safest, most secure environment.

While OKTO has been synonymous with designing simple, intuitive controls and user interfaces, COVID has brought touchless technologies to the fore. OKTO’s AI processor integrated with your existing Building Management System and controlled by the OKTOair app will provide a completely touch-free experience.

Social Distancing Management
As organisations prepare for employees to return to work, this new normal calls for an effective solution to manage how the workspace is used and by whom. With OKTOair you can easily optimise your workspace and make the office flexible to changing needs. We do it by sensing and processing your building occupancy data and providing insights and reports you require to keep your staff and occupiers safe.

Water Filtration
OKTOair’s Water Filtration removes limescale, pollutants, organic contaminants and cleaning additives such as Chlorine from the water in a property meaning staff/customers can drink pure clean water from the tap. Filtered water is far more cost effective than bottled water and also help’s towards reducing the environmental impact.

‘Workplace wellness’ as a concept in offices, commercial premises, schools, hotels and hospitality businesses is growing in importance and value. To speak to a wellness technology expert and discover more about the systems available contact the team.

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