Are you up-to-date with fire safety regulations?

Electrical installations are the number one cause of fire in buildings. Modern buildings in Ireland and the UK should have active fire safety systems that fulfil three goals – insulate re; protect escape routes; maintain the power supply.

Cable management has a major impact on protection against re, especially for wiring life safety systems, and it ensures the safety of emergency and escape routes.

Core Electrical actively campaigns for a better application of the re safety regulations and the company supports consultant engineers and electrical contractors in delivering installations which meet the legal requirements, without compromising on performance or budget.

Core Electrical supplies a complete range of re-rated cable management from market-leading cable management manufacturers Marshall-Tuf ex and OBO Bettermann.

Solutions include:

  • Fire protection – Technical equipment with function maintenance is required in specific buildings such as hospitals, tower blocks, commercial buildings and tunnels. Core’s product range of practical tried-and-trusted systems can fulfil all the requirements of re-rated electrical installations. They can offer a range of cable tray, cable baskets, cable ladders and junction re boxes all tested to DIN 4102 part 12 with a function maintenance class E30 (30 minutes) or E90 (90 minutes). The screw-less connection system of the basket and tray allows interconnection without tools, considerably simplifying and speeding up the installation of cables.
  • Fire y safety clips – These can save lives in the event of a re. The re clips, which are compatible with mini/maxi trunking and conduits, are designed to hold cables securely, helping to keep escape routes free and accessible. The Core range has been praised by the industry on several occasions – at Exova Warrington Fire and the Electrical Industry Awards 2017 – proving its integrity and reliability.
  • Callmaster systems – Perfect for emergency applications, Callmaster mini trunking, conduit and accessory boxes are designed for call points, smoke and heat detectors, panic alarms, warning lights, sounders and emergency stops.
  • Dry lining boxes with re barriers – This product is an effective re barrier. Envirograf® re barrier pads expand in the presence of heat and create an effective re barrier, avoiding the re to travel up the cavity into an adjoining room or ceiling.

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