AP Haslam introduces a new range of flexible friends

No matter what the challenge of technical specifications with the installation and protection of hoses, piping and cables, Anamet has a solution. Like AP Haslam, Anamet has been in business for over 70 years and has supplied flexible hose systems into steelworks, power stations, machine builders, trains, automotive, oil and gas, and food processing plants. Anamet conforms to the latest global standards, with the company’s protective hoses tested and classified to the International NEN-EN-IEC 61386 standard.

Anamet’s corrugated stainless steel metal hoses have various industrial applications where high demands are set for movement, absorption, vibration etc. The advantage of stainless steel metal hoses, when compared to rubber and plastic hoses, include high temperature resistance of –200°C to +600°C – as well as their chemical resistance to many aggressive fluids and gases. Anamet has designed a range of cable protection systems that meet the guidelines for hygiene in the critical splash and non- splash zones of food, beverage and pharmaceutical plants in compliance with EHEDG guidelines Metal hoses are often used under extreme conditions and AP Haslam, in partnership with Anamet, can also supply many optional accessories – protective casings, spring wire, isolation, shrink sleeve, liners or heat protection. One of the best known Anamet products is the Anaconda Sealtite® conduit which, when used with a broad range of Anaconda fittings, provides a durable and liquid-tight protection for cabling in a variety of applications.

Anaconda Sealtite® is a flexible, liquid tight conduit consisting of a spirally wound interlocking metal inner core with an extruded liquid- tight cover – and is available in a wide range of variations. So, whether you need protection against oil, dust, chemicals, heat and cold, explosive environments, shielding against EMC, zero halogen covers – or just mechanical protection and ease of installation, there is a Sealtite® solution for your every specific need.

Today, hygienic design plays an even more important role than it has ever done before. OEMs are obliged to pay far greater attention to the materials used in the design, fabrication and construction of their equipment and machines to ensure they are built to the highest hygienic standards.

Working in close collaboration with leading manufacturers and authorities in the industry, Anamet has developed an innovative range of conduits and fittings that meet these higher standards of hygiene, are free of chemicals that could cause contamination and are easy- to-clean.

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