Full marks for AJ Hurst and Dextra Lighting

Working alongside leading electrical contractor, B.I. Electrical Services, the two companies not only brightened up the school for staff and pupils alike, but also brought new levels of energy efficiency, with savings set to be around the 66% mark. In addition, the retrofit met the latest environmental standards with the involvement of Dexreco Ltd – Dextra’s nationwide, resource for the recycling of luminaire lighting products.

As a Dextra Lighting distributor, AJ Hurst was able to provide a tailored retrofit solution for the school as Bill Gray, Business Development Manager at AJ Hurst, explained.

“We provided a full design and specification to B.I. Electrical outlining how we would meet the criteria and this included the offer of a free trial in one of the classrooms to demonstrate what we could offer. While the school didn’t take us up on this, I think it demonstrates just how confident we are in our products.

“We have an excellent relationship with Dextra and worked closely with them to meet the specific requirements of this project. Bridge Integrated PS needed both interior and exterior lighting upgraded right across the school, but thanks to Dextra’s depth of product range we were able to provide a solution from just one supplier.”

This aspect was one of the many reasons why AJ Hurst was selected by B.I. Electrical Services, with other reasons including the five-year warranty on all LEDs – including a three-year on-site repair warranty – and a 10 working day lead in time for all luminaires.

B.I. Electrical has the measured term contract to supply M&E services to the Education Authority’s Southern Region and wanted to work with a supplier that would make the installation quick yet effective.

Peter Gormley, Contracts Manager at B.I. Electrical Services, said, “Overall, the project involved the replacement of around 400 interior lights and a further 40 external floodlights, all of which were upgraded to energy-efficient LEDs. The project also included the installation of an additional 90 emergency lights.

“Aside from the addition of the emergency lighting, the rest was point-to-point replacements and incorporated lights of various sizes installed in a variety of areas, including surface, recessed and suspended ceiling fittings. With all that in mind, working with just one manufacturer made the installation process a lot smoother.

“We were very impressed with the service provided by AJ Hurst and the high standard of the Dextra products.”

Part of the AJ Hurst service involved putting a unique reference on each fitting, in line with the lighting design, and organising deliveries to correspond with the works schedule that had been developed in line with the school. The end result has been welcomed by the school’s principal, Teresa Devlin.

“The lights not only look good but they have improved our lighting significantly. There’s no longer any buzzing or flickering and the installation process was very straightforward. We are even looking forward to receiving our electricity bills to see the savings that have been achieved.”


Bridge Integrated Primary School is not only enjoying enhanced lighting levels that use less energy but the project to install the new LEDs also met recycling targets. B.I. Electrical worked alongside AJ Hurst Ltd to ensure the project successfully received its WEEE certificate by recycling the old fittings.

Bill Gray, Business Development Manager at AJ Hurst Ltd, explained, “Electrical contractors and clients want simple and efficient ways for waste products to be removed safely off site and we have the perfect solution with Dexreco.”

Dexreco Ltd is a registered AATF that caters for all luminaire disposal needs via its own established UK logistic network. Dexreco collects old product from site at the client’s convenience. Virtually all collections are made by Dextra Group vehicles on a ‘back load’ meaning that, instead of a vehicle returning empty after making a delivery, it will stop off and make a collection. This effectively halves the amount of carbon pollution caused by the transportation of the end of life luminaires.

Peter Gormley, Contracts Manager at B.I. Electrical Services, added, “The system worked really well for us. We were provided with storage containers for each luminaire and then stored them onsite before Dexreco came and collected them. It allowed us to meet the criteria of the project in a simple, efficient way.”

For more information on AJ Hurst, telephone (NI) 028 9077 0037 or (RoI) 048 9077 0037, e-mail online-sales@ajhurst.com or visit www.ajhurst.com. You can also follow AJ Hurst on Twitter – @AJHurstElectric