6 Benefits Of Attending Electrical Trade Shows

If you’re considering attending more trade shows this year, this guide is for you. We have pulled together a list of six of the key benefits of attending a trade show for electricians.

Trade shows have been an important marketing and sales tool for electricians for decades. They allow businesses in the industry to showcase their goods or services, see interesting industry talks and check out others in their field.

Essentially, these shows are a gathering of lots of electrical experts and brands under one roof for educational purposes, business talks and general enjoyment.

But the value isn’t just in exhibiting at these shows, you can still get so much from simply attending as a guest.

So, if you’re considering attending more trade shows this year, this guide is for you. Below, we have pulled together a list of six of the key benefits of attending a trade show for electricians.

1. You can boost your brand awareness

One of the biggest misconceptions about trade shows is that you have to be exhibiting or giving a talk in order to raise awareness of your brand. This is simply not the case.

Once you’re at the show, you can begin engaging with companies and networking with those who are exhibiting. This gives you an opportunity to talk to them and to introduce yourself and your own business, brand or self-employed services.

It’s a good idea to take some business cards or printouts with you when you go so that you can give these out to any relevant companies or people you speak to. Make sure you include your website and any social media accounts you have on these as well.

This can be a great, albeit gentle, way to boost your brand awareness. Plus, it means that if relevant companies are looking to hire, need an electrician or have products they think might be of interest to you, they are more likely to remember you and reach out in the future.

2. You can build your network

We’ve already mentioned networking above, but these trade shows really are your opportunity to build better business relationships.

Remember, not everyone there is going to be an electrician that you’re essentially competing with. There will also be lots of brands demonstrating products that could help your business, as well as experts giving talks.

As such, you should take this opportunity to speak to as many people as possible. You can begin to forge alliances with other industry-related companies. Doing so could lead to benefits such as discounts on relevant products or services, or you might even find potentially talented new employees for your company.

3. You can learn more about your industry

Take a look at the program or itinerary before you attend the trade show, and you will see lots of exciting and interesting trade talks taking place. You can plan your visit around these presentations and leave with a strengthened understanding of your industry. These talks can help you to:

  • Keep up to date with the latest trends and developments in the electrical industry
  • Find out how industry leaders took their electrical businesses to the next level
  • See demonstrations and reviews of new tools and products
  • Find out about new or more sustainable practises

Attending trade talks like this will give you a chance to ask questions, set yourself goals and generally help to drive your business forward in the right direction, so it’s definitely worth making time for them.

It’s also a good idea to take a notepad and a pen with you so you can make notes during these talks or presentations. After all, it will be a busy day full of information, so you want to be able to look back over your notes later.

4. You can do some competitor analysis

Everyone at a trade show is there to showcase their best strategies and offerings, making this the perfect environment to do some good competitor research. As you walk around the show, you will see what other electricians, sometimes those based in your area, are doing to attract new customers.

You will also notice the stands that are performing badly and have not gathered a crowd. This might also give you an idea of what not to do.

As much as you can (before your competitors become suspicious or frustrated), do some research into their company and ask them some questions. Take a note of any great ideas, sales techniques or tools they use that you might want to consider for the future.

This is another way to boost your knowledge of the industry, but more specifically, of your direct competitors. This will help you to leave the event feeling inspired and ready to put some new ideas into action.

5. You can explore new markets

Throughout the show, there are a number of ways you can find out about new products, companies or markets that you might not have knowledge of otherwise. This might be done when conducting competitor research or watching trade talks.

In fact, these events are great for helping you learn about and enter vertical markets that you may not be able to break into in other ways.

For example, if you are an electrician who, as an individual or a business, is interested in working with green home builders or branching out into alternative energy systems. At trade shows, you can find out more about different aspects of the industry like this and hopefully get your foot in the door.

6. You can drum up business

Last but certainly not least, you can use electrical trade shows as a chance to drum up business and generate quality leads.

Again, you don’t have to be an exhibitor to do this. Each time you talk to suppliers, businesses or any other relevant party, you are opening yourself up to opportunities.

Perhaps, for example, you stumble on a tools supplier who is looking for an electrician to help with a big project.

Remember, it is not just other electricians at the shows. Other companies and individuals ma attend in the hope of finding a skilled tradesperson.

This is why it is so important to have your business information at hand, ready to give to anyone who might be interested. And because everyone is there specifically for the electrical industry, no matter their own role, this can help you to drum up some quality business leads.